Tips for Jogging in Cold Weather

jogging the rain

It’s not always easy to follow that jogging routine during winter, but it pays. I have put together some tips below to help you jog safely and efficiently during these cold months. While most are common sense, a good reminder always comes in handy!

  • Cover Your Extremes. During breezes and cold winds, cover yourself from icy blasts. It pays to wear warm including mittens if need be.
  • Adjust your workout intensity to compensate for all the energy being sapped out from your body by the extreme cold.
  • cold weatherDo a good warm up. Warm up by starting at a comfortable pace and building up the pace slowly. It may take longer than usual because of the cold, but does not mean your fitness levels are dipping.
  • You may need to adjust your jogging routine as needed. Do not run into the icy winds. In most cases, it is recommended to run in a loop. You may also want to reverse your jogging routine completely, to avoid chances of running into the winds.
  • Do not be afraid to shorten your stride especially when running on icy paths. It helps reduce chances of injuries.
  • Hide your drinking water beneath your clothing. Freezing water is hard for the tummy.
  • Avoid the hilly and speed sections of your routine till weather conditions get better. Getting injured may cause you to lose more precious time. Consider avoiding the outdoors entirely and opting for an indoor exercising environment. You can replace that morning jog with several minutes on a treadmill!